Client Services


At Cloud Nine Recruitment we believe in placing the right people in the right jobs..we are THAT confident in our abilities we will offer you a 52 week rebate period!

We know what you want…you want the right people in the right jobs because that is what will make you successful!

Recruitment isn’t about “round pegs in round holes” but it is about the right person with the right attitude and approach, trained to the right skill level and motivated to deliver; day in and day out.

At Cloud Nine Recruitment we have experience of leading significant programmes of organisational change that has included personnel changes. We understand the importance of the correct person in the correct role and this can often change over time as the needs of the business and individuals change.

We offer a fully inclusive selection process giving you confidence that the candidates we select have been matched against your role and company specifications.

Getting to know our clients is critical to our success, not just the role they are looking to fill, we want to know the “nuts and bolts” including culture, brand values and the right profile of the type of person you want to see. Our selection process is then tailored to your requirements and can include telephone screening, face to face interviews, role plays, group exercises and psychometric testing. We also offer reference and security checking.

We like to finish our assignment with feedback from both clients and candidates alike. We do this several weeks after the candidates have started working with you as we find this is the best time as all parties now know more about each other and the feedback is really informative.

With Cloud Nine Recruitment you get a truly tailored and professional service that means you spend less time recruiting and more time managing and growing your business!

And if you are considering making significant organisational changes Cloud Nine Recruitment can offer you consultancy support. Having led major change programmes for several blue-chip organisations we have the experience (and the scars to prove it) that you may well find invaluable in the smooth transition you are looking to achieve.